Silver Air
A premium athletic shirt that naturally fights odor.
Designed for the gym, the city, and everywhere in between.

"We didn't wash the shirt for three days ... but the SilverAir dried fast. It remained funk free."

"We didn't wash the shirt for three days ... but the SilverAir dried fast. It remained funk free.

And it's svelte enough to wear it while doing those weekend errands. Like picking up the laundry."

A Fabric Like No Other

We engineered a fabric from scratch by blending high quality Italian yarns with pure silver. The result is a shirt that’s so soft and smooth you'll feel a good way.

Built for Performance

Advanced wicking properties help you stay dry, and ventilation panels mapped to the sweatiest parts of your body let the heat out, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Look Sharp, Period

Wear this by itself, or pair it with a hoodie. The simple design makes it versatile so you can wear it anywhere. And you'll want to, because not only is this comfortable, it looks fantastic.

Stay Confident

The silver fibers naturally fight odor causing bacteria, keeping you clean and fresh throughout the entire day. Go ahead, put your arm around her - we've got you covered.

Push Harder

Having trouble finding motivation to crush your workout? Look under the hem of your shirt for a little extra inspiration when you need it.

How SilverAir Fights Odor

Our SilverAir fabric is made with pure silver, which naturally fights odor.  We didn't want to have to deal with smelly workout gear anymore, and now you don’t either.

Sweat itself is mostly water, and does not have any smell.

But on certain parts of your body, sweat bonds with proteins that smell.

The silver in our shirts kills the smelly proteins to keep your shirt fresh.

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