Silver Air
A premium athletic shirt that naturally fights odor.
Designed for the gym, the city, and everywhere in between.

Exquisite Fabric

We blend fine Italian yarns with pure silver to make an extraordinary fabric that kills odor causing bacteria.

Mesh Ventilation

Ventilation panels are placed in the high-heat areas of your body to keep you cool.

Seamless Construction

The shirt is knit seamlessly resulting in a body without any stitches. It's so light and smooth that you'll feel naked—in a good way!

Extra Motivation

Inspirational messages live under the hem of your shirt for motivation to push harder.

How SilverAir Fights Odor

Our SilverAir fabric is made with pure silver, which naturally fights odor.  We didn't want to have to deal with smelly workout gear anymore, and now you don’t either.

Sweat itself is mostly water, and does not have any smell.

But on certain parts of your body, sweat bonds with proteins that smell.

The silver in our shirts kills the smelly proteins to keep your shirt fresh.

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